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Every so often, we come across some "off the wall" products that may seem sort of goofy, but may actually serve a purpose. In this week's Product Spotlight segment, Chris takes a look at just a few of the ones we've played with lately. Also, he reminds us of the first Apple Computer in "This Week in Tech History."

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We're answering your tech questions this week. Don't forget our Ask Dave Hotline is open 24/7! Call us ... toll-free 1-800-899-INTO (4686) ... with any consumer electronics question, opinion, help another listener or tell us what your favorite app is and why. You can also participate via our FREE "Into Tomorrow" App (iOS/Android/Intel AppUp).

Guests include:

Also featuring:

  • CEA Updates – April is Distracted Driving Awareness Month. Here's Samantha Nevels with the Consumer Electronics Association with some tips to help you be safer behind the wheel in this week's CEA Update.
  • Consumer Reports Feature – Amazon last week jumped into the streaming media player market with the new Amazon Fire TV. But can it compete with Apple TV and Roku's lineup? Consumer Reports Electronics spokesman James McQueen is on the show this week with their first thoughts on the latest from Amazon.
  • Wireless Update from Verizon Wireless – Sure, your tablets and smartphones have super HD displays these days. But what if you want that content on a bigger screen? Verizon's Michelle Sutton has an easy solution.
  • This Week In Tech History with Chris Graveline
  • Into Gaming Feature with Mark Lautenschlager
  • IFA Weekly Update – A consumer electronics trade show in Berlin, Germany that is rich in its own tech history.

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If you have any questions about consumer electronics and the technology available today and into tomorrow, remember to call our Ask Dave Hotline – Anytime 24/7. Call toll-free 1-800-899-INTO (4686). You can also send an email to AskDave@graveline.com. Be sure to let us know your Name, City/State where you're writing from and how you listen to "Into Tomorrow" (AM/FM Radio Station, Online, Podcast, etc).

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