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– on the air since 1996 – is a 3-hour radio program (as well as many ITTV Video Reports) covering the Latest in Consumer Electronics & Technology available today and … into tomorrow. The show airs on over 200 AM & FM radio stations around the U.S. and a plethora of other sources! More

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This week, we're spotlighting an app that Chris recently came across that promises to make "waiting for your ice cream" more enjoyable - and it's using some pretty cool tech to do it.. Also, in This Week In Tech History, he reminds us of some of the milestones in the world of technology including the formation of one of the largest communications companies.

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Cool Into Tomorrow Hot Summer Giveaway

The 2014 COOL Into Tomorrow HOT Summer Giveaway is happening again. Tune in to find out how you can win! (HINT: Just participate by letting us HEAR you on the show, either using the AUDIO option on our FREE "Into Tomorrow" App or by calling 1-800-899-INTO (4686) anytime 24/7 with any Consumer Tech question, Tech Rage, share your Favorite App or offer any tech help or input for other listeners!)

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We're answering your tech questions this week. Don't forget our Ask Dave Hotline is open 24/7! Call us ... toll-free 1-800-899-INTO (4686) ... with any consumer electronics question, opinion, help another listener or tell us what your favorite app is and why. You can also participate via our FREE "Into Tomorrow" App (iOS/Android/Intel AppUp).

Guests include:


Also featuring:

  • CEA Updates – The Consumer Electronics Association continues to grow its international presence by hosting a series of CES Unveiled events leading up to the International CES. Krista Silano is on the show with details about the upcoming CES Unveiled Paris in this week's CEA Update.
  • Consumer Reports Feature – Amazon's first-ever smartphone, the Fire Phone, is now on sale, exclusively on AT&T. It boasts some intriguing features and technology, but does it deliver? Consumer Reports Electronics spokesman James McQueen is on the show with a first look review.
  • Into Gaming Feature with Mark Lautenschlager
  • IFA Weekly Update – A consumer electronics trade show in Berlin, Germany that is rich in its own tech history.
  • OWC Feature with Larry O'Connor
  • Product Spotlight
  • This Week In Tech History with Chris Graveline
  • Wireless Update from Verizon Wireless – Summer is here and we love taking in music or maybe a certain consumer tech show while we're at the beach. Verizon's Chuck Hamby is on the show with some tips for better beach listening.

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If you have any questions about consumer electronics and the technology available today and into tomorrow, remember to call our Ask Dave Hotline – Anytime 24/7. Call toll-free 1-800-899-INTO (4686). You can also send an email to AskDave@graveline.com. Be sure to let us know your Name, City/State where you're writing from and how you listen to "Into Tomorrow" (AM/FM Radio Station, Online, Podcast, etc).

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