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– now in our 20th year – is a 3-hour radio program (as well as many ITTV Video Reports) covering the Latest in Consumer Electronics & Technology available today and … into tomorrow. The show airs on over 200 AM & FM radio stations around the U.S. and a plethora of other sources! More

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Virtual Reality has been around for quite some time, but has seen some major advancements over the past few years. Dave is joined this week, by Freddie Laker who, among other things, blogs about innovation that are changing the human experience. He shares with us the latest virtual reality technology.

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  • CEA Update – One day soon you may want to trade in your smartphone for a newer, better model. And before you do, you’ll want to delete all your photos, e-mails, app accounts, and other personal data. If you have an Android phone, simply hitting the factory reset button may not be as secure as you think. Consumer Reports electronics spokesman James McQueen is on the broadcast to explain.
  • Consumer Reports Feature
  • Into Gaming Feature with Mark Lautenschlager
  • IFA Weekly Update – A consumer electronics trade show in Berlin, Germany that is rich in its own tech history.
  • OWC Feature with Larry O'Connor
  • This Week In Tech History with Chris Graveline
  • Wireless Update from Verizon Wireless

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Monster Products: DNA Pro 2.0 High powered Over-ear headphones

Hydreon Corp: FakeTV Burglar Deterrent - Simulates the light output of a TV to deter burglars from your home.

Verykool: S5015 Spark II Smartphone - Unlocked GSM phone with Android OS and front facing flash - perfect for selfies!

Kensington: SD4000 Universal 4K Docking Station for laptop computers