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Our Latest ITTV Video:

Our latest ITTV Video
Document scanners are among the tech products that have come a long way in the last decade or so and portable scanners have been gaining more and more popularity. We're taking a closer look at one of the latest portable scanners in the ScanSnap line from Fujitsu. Also, Chris takes us into yesterday with "This Week in Tech History".

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Dave and the team are in studio and answering all of your tech questions. Don't forget our Ask Dave Hotline is open 24/7! Call us ... toll-free 1-800-899-INTO (4686) ... with any consumer electronics question, opinion, help another listener or tell us what your favorite app is and why. You can also participate via our FREE "Into Tomorrow" App.

Guests include:


  • CEA Update – The 2015 South by Southwest Festival is kicking off next month in Austin, Texas. And the Consumer Electronics Association's Bronwyn Flores is here to tell you about the top tech policy event to attend at "South By" – in this week's CEA Update.
  • Consumer Reports Feature – Nintendo has been creating popular handheld gaming devices since the original GameBoy back in 1989. The New Nintendo 3DS XL — yes, that's the official name — is its most full-featured offering to date. But is it worth the money? Consumer Reports just finished reviewing it. Their electronics spokesman James McQueen is here to tell us what they found.
  • Into Gaming Feature with Mark Lautenschlager
  • IFA Weekly Update – A consumer electronics trade show in Berlin, Germany that is rich in its own tech history.
  • OWC Feature with Larry O'Connor
  • This Week In Tech History with Chris Graveline
  • Wireless Update from Verizon Wireless

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This Week's Tech News, Part 1

Report: Android, iOS loaded on 96.3% of smartphones shipped last year
Android claimed 81.5% of the 2014 smartphone market share, while iOS accounted for 14.8% of smartphone operating systems in 2014, IDC has found. Windows Phones shipments came in a distant third, claiming 2.7% of the market. More -- VentureBeat

18 Google Maps Tricks You Need to Try
Google Maps (and its cousin Google Earth) remain powerful and versatile tools—and most of us are only scratching at the surface of what they have to offer. (And we're just talking about the Web version, the mobile incarnations are a whole other bag of magic.) Click on through and experience just a little bit of the power of the everyday. More -- Evan Dashevsky, PCMag.com

Verizon predicts 5.4B Internet of Things devices by 2020
The number of connected devices used by businesses will increase 28% annually over the next five years as enterprises seek to analyze customer data and save money, a Verizon report predicts. The report forecasts strong adoption by power utilities and the auto manufacturing and health sectors. More -- Mobile Marketing Magazine

HMMM... "If you think dogs can't count, try putting three dog biscuits in your pocket and then give him only two of them."

This Week's Tech News, Part 2

100M 4K TVs forecast to ship yearly by 2018
Futuresource Consulting predicts that 100 million 4K TV sets will be sold annually by 2018, but asserts the sustainability of the growing market will largely depend on a steady output of 4K content. "We are seeing several 4K video services now available in the market, driven by over-the-top (OTT) video services, and we are beginning to see signs that broadcasters support will be forthcoming," Futuresource Director of Sales and Marketing Sarah Carroll said, adding, "However, with 8K on the horizon, there is speculation as to whether the window for 4K will be short-lived. More -- Advanced Television (free registration)

Skipr aims to help TV viewers skip commercials
Startup Skipr is developing a product that could detect commercials on any cable or satellite program over HDMI and switch the user to other tailored content -- such as music, a social media stream, a sports game or the weather, depending on user preferences -- then return the viewer to the original program once the commercials were over. An application is said to be in the works to make Skipr compatible with Android TVs. More -- TechHive

Neil Young wants you to hear music in a new way
If you want advice on how music is supposed to sound, you ask a musician -- and why not a legendary one at that? Rocker Neil Young explained at CES why he cares so much for the quality of the music that we are consuming. More -- CEA Blog.

HMMM... "I just let my mind wonder, and it didn't come back."

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This Week's Tech News, Part 3

BlackBerry update touts voice assistant, camera update, app store
BlackBerry is preparing software update 10.3.1, which includes the voice-driven BlackBerry Assistant, additional power savings and new features designed to improve the handset's camera. The update will also bring the Amazon Appstore to the BlackBerry Q5, Q10, Z3, Z10 and Z30, giving users access to 200,000 apps. More -- Reuters

HTC will seek new identity with influx of new gadgets
HTC is expanding its product line into fitness trackers, cameras and possibly gaming devices as part of its move to make a name for itself beyond the highly competitive world of smartphones. HTC has seen a downward spiral over the past three years, with revenue dropping by more than half, and the company's creative team hopes some of the new products will resonate with consumers. More -- CNET

Samsung's 128GB chip offers speed, power saving
Samsung's 128GB flash storage chip, which halves battery power needs while offering speeds 2.7 times faster at random data reads than flash, may find its way into the lion's share of smartphones in the higher end of the market. The chip is based on the new Universal Flash Storage standard and will also become available in 32GB and 64GB versions. More -- Engadget

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Tech Tip of The Week

Travel using your Tech …
Whether you want to get away from the Winter weather or taking a trip for business or to visit family and friends, using your tech and getting online is the best way to plan it. Favorite sites including Orbitz, Expedia, Travelzoo and Trip Advisor are great places to check for deals on flights, hotels and more. All of these sites also include free mobile Apps that will help in planning your trip and more including checking in. Many airlines including Delta and Spirit will offer specials when booking online as well as the ability to add or make changes to your reservations and they offer free mobile Apps too. If you’re not sure where you’d like to take that vacation, you can check online with each state to see what they have to offer or even check out Google Earth to see just where you’d like to be. You might like sites such as Parents who offer some great trip ideas and The Vacation Brain which asks you specific questions to pair you with the perfect vacation. If you need a place to stay, Hotels.com and Hotels Tonight have you covered. And once everything is booked you may find it helpful to check out Trip It Travel Organizer to keep everything in one place. Happy Travels and be sure to visit us "Into Tomorrow"!  

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