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Dave's Top Ten

Here’s a list of the products previously featured on “Dave’s Top Ten”.
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Samsung "Bendable" UHD Television

UHD Television with a screen that "bends" at the push of a button to go from flat screen to curved. Samsung has realized that television isn't just for viewing programming anyore, and the flexibility of a dual screen optimizes the experience for all facets of entertainment.

Tao WellShell

Pocket-size digital isometric workout device. Coaches you through simple workouts, monitors performance, and records your vital statisitics and delivers them to your digital devices for analysis and display.

Chefjet 3D printer

Who cares about regular 3D printers? We don't want a lousy, cheap phone stand, but we do want 3D printed chocolate treats.


A non-contact device that detects heat and converts it into an electronic signal, which is then processed to produce a thermal image on your phone screen and perform temperature calculations. Heat sensed by an infrared camera can be very precisely measured, allowing users to reveal a thermal world not visible to the unaided eye.

Luci Aura

Inflatable solar lantern that provides four color LED output for mood lighting, emergency lighting or off-grid use. The lantern can cycle through the color modes or provide steady lighting in any of the four colors, has a handle for easy hanging, and collapses to easily slide into a back pocket. The manufacturer, Mpowered is focused on a dual bottom line (both financial performance and social impact) with a vision to "eradicate Energy Poverty through Social Justice".

ScanSnap SV600

Flatbed alternative scanner that scans literally anything. Automatically will scan and when it detects movements it scans again. It has some Adobe licensed software as well as some other neat software.

Monarch Lotus Awning

Thin, rigid solar panels designed for use in applications such as an awning. Designed for install by DIY to install in an hour, with no need for an electrician, each panel produces 280W of 110V power - 80% lower cost than roof-top panels.


Take your moble typing in a totally different direction. The TREWGrip is large, and it doesn't come cheap, but it's a different kind of keyboard that maybe be useful to many users on the go.

FamiBot Family Robot

A good companion for families and intelligent control of household appliances and an alarm system.

UbiSlate Android Tablets

7" Android Tablets using 4.0.3 (Ice Cream Sandwich) OS starting at only $37.99!

Martian Watch

Martian Watch is the first Bluetooth watch that allows you to communicate completely through voice commands. Mobile phone users can communicate without needing to touch their phone by accessing their phone’s voice commands, including placing and receiving calls, sending voice-to-text messages, listening and responding to text messages, setting calendar notifications and reminders, controlling music, and searching the web, all without their phones leaving their pocket or purse. Three styles: Passport, Victory and G2G.

Dexcom G4 PLATINUM Continuous Glucose Monitor

A wearable, continuous blood glucouse level monitor that enables the user to not just track their current blood sugar level, but the trend over time.

GEONAUTE 360' Action VCamera

360' video camera (also takes stills) that essentially stitches together 3 videos and creates a 360 degree world that can be expolored during playback by dragging your finger on a touchscreen display or simply moving a tablet around. Getting a virtual personal view of a real world.

NECTAR Mobile Power Unit

The Nectar Mobile Power solution is a cartridge based charger that turns Butane into power capable of keeping your iPhone or Android tablet going for up to two weeks without a wall outlet.

Lego Mindstorms EV

A robotics kit for kids to build and program robots that features smartphone integration and encourages competition.

Schlage's Touchscreen Deadbolt

Schlage's latest deadbolt features a durable resistive touchscreen with a matte finish to protect against fingerprints. It has a motorized bolt that automatically locks and unlocks after the correct code is entered. You can setup temporary codes for visitors or housekeepers. Different metal finishes and designs are available. Integrates with the Nexia Home system.

Dexim's Music Talking Stylus

This is more than just an ordinary stylus for your smartphone or tablet. It has some neat Bluetooth functionality that allows you to stream music and you can send and receive phone calls. The stylus has a built-in speaker and mic for phone calls. There's a headphone jack you can use to connect your headphones to listen to music or for phone calls.

Trakdot Luggage Locator

Track your luggage with this GPS tracker. Trakdot™ Luggage monitors the cellular network to determine it's city location. When you fly, it knows and goes to sleep. Upon arriving at your destination, it wakes up and reports it's new location. Either a text-message or email is sent to you confirming that your luggage has arrived with you.

Zik bluetooth Headphones

A touch controlled (no buttons, just gestures!) motion
detecting, active noise canceling headphones, with proximity sensors that
start and stop the music when the user puts them on or take them off. They feature great sound, and can be paired with an app that helps you maximize the listening experience, and that gives full control over the music.

Dish Hopper with Sling

Dish's newest DVR not only lets you record, playback, access the content on several TVs at home (using Joeys), AND skip commercials automatically, but it now comes with built-in Sling. That means that you can watch your recorded shows and "auto-hop" through the commercials or watch live TV from anywhere in the world -- including with the Hopper Transfer feature!

55-inch OLED TV from LG

A very cool and ultra thin OLED screen, set to come out sometime in the second half of 2012. It's a very cool TV, but the estimated price of $8000 - $10000 dollars is going to be steep.

Dish Hopper & Joey Whole-Home DVR

Access your DVR from any room in your house without the need to have a big box in each room or to have to run new wires to every TV!

Droid 4 from Motorola

A 4G LTE phone geared towards the business user, featuring a physical keyboard, government grade encryption and Gingerbread for now, but Motorola has already confirmed an upgrade to Ice Cream Sandwich.

emPower eyeglasses

These high tech eyeglasses let you turn off the multifocal portion of them so you can safely look down when you're going down steps, and so you can have your full field of vision unobstructed when you don't need to read. When you're ready to read again just push a button and your reading correction comes back!

Geopalz - Fitness Trackers for Kids

They attach to kids shoes and provide a fun way to keep them exercising and healthy. Depending on how much they walk they can get prizes too!

GoPano Micro from EyeSee360º

Capture EVERYTHING going on around you on your iPhone 4 or 4S! This iPhone attachment lets you record 360º video at once, and through post it on websites for your friends to enjoy. You can even pan around when playing it back!

Sket Robo from TOSY

An actual, real life robot that will sit at a table and sketch you and your friends!

Smart Baby Scale from Withings 

This baby scale not only weighs your baby, but is also and is able to share it on Facebook, Twitter or with a list of email addresses, and it charts your baby's weight over time.

Sync by 50 – wireless headphones

Not only do you get great sounding wireless headphones, but on top of that for every pair you buy in the US, 50 Cent donates 250 meals through the Feeding America program! You get great sound, while doing a good deed!


Have you been to the gym and tried to listen to music from an MP3 player and a phone? Did you notice how your headphones keep falling out? Well... these don't, they're designed for athletes and will stay in your ears while you take part in all kids of different physical activity.

Logitech Bluetooth Tablet Keyboard for Android and iPad

Do you prefer a hard keyboards for typing on your tablet? Then Logitech's Bluetooth keyboards for Android 3.0+ and iPad may appeal to you! Have a look at our video review on the left.

Dragon Go! iPhone App

Android phones do some things better than iPhones, like voice-search & texting. However, there's a new voice-search app in town that is making the iPhone smarter and … more productive.

foxl Personal Audiophile Loudspeaker

If you travel or give presentations regularly, you need to have a look at these small speakers!

They're tiny enough to carry around in your pocket, while giving you great sound quality and even the ability to connect it to a subwoofer.

There are two option available, one with a standard audio input jack that boasts an 8-hour battery life and a comfortable bluetooth version that doesn't need to be tethered to the audio source and is great for smartphones!

Mac OS X Lion

Apple's latest operating system may also be it's cheapest!

Mac OS X Lion installs directly from the Mac App Store (and ONLY from the Mac App Store), it incorporates many new multitouch gestures, AirDrop for file sharing, fullscreen apps and other improvements, and it will only set you back $29.99, and that includes a license for up to 5 installations!


You've heard us talk about cutting the phone cord, well, Ooma offers a very popular option to do that.

Ooma is technically not free, you have to pay taxes and fees that amount to about $3 a month and that gets you unlimted nationwide minutes.

Ooma offers great phone quality and the option to choose a Premiere service with lot of added extra features for just $9.99.

Polar Pillow

Does you pillow get too hot at night? Do you spend the night flipping it over again and again? Well, Polar Pillow can put and end to that.

This high tech pillow doesn't need to be plugged in, recharged or fed batteries, it uses a chemical reaction to keep on side of it cool all night long!

It's very heavy, but it works great for those who overheat at night!

Roku 2 XS Digital Video Player

If you want to cut your cable bill, or just need some extra entertainment for cheap, take a look at the latest generation of Roku players.

With prices ranging from $59 to $99 and no (mandatory) monthly fees, Roku players are inexpensive and can access a lot of content from non-subscription and subscriptions services such as Netflix, Hulu Plus, Pandora, and many others, and the XS model in particular even allows the user to play games!

SmartStart GPS

Viper's SmartStart GPS is a great way to never lose your car in a parking lot.

SmartStart GPS lets you see your car's location on a map displayed on your smartphone, but there's more!

The new version of SmartStart GPS also allows you to get alerts if your vehicle speeds, is moved without your authorization, has a low battery, or if it either leaves an area or enters a banned area.

Super USB WiFi Antenna 3

C.Crane's Super USB WiFi Antenna 3 is not a regular WiFi receiver... it's a supercharged, ultra-sensitive receiver that allows you to see wireless networks from up to a mile away!

If you have reception problems definitely check this antenna out.


With so much information contained on smartphones these days, apps like TekTrak are becoming a necessity.

TekTrak allows you to lock your phone remotely, make it ring even if it's on vibrate, send it a text message, find it's current location, view it's location history or completely delete it's contents.

All for just $5 a year, and it's available for Androids and iPhones.

Cobra iRadar for iPhone & Android

Like the old radars you're used to, iRadar will detect nearby speed guns and cameras, but this next generation radar brings things to the next level with smartphone integration via Bluetooth. iRadar sends your current speed and warnings to your phone's screen and can use it's wireless internet connection to access Cobra's database and alert you well in advance of any speed and red light cameras coming up before they can be detected.

iPad 2

The latest version of the most popular tablet in the market is 33% thinner than the original, 15% lighter, it has a dual core processor, a rear and a front facing camera (that enables it to FaceTime with other iDevices), and the largest tablet app store in the world.
It still retains all the good features of the original, but now it's also easier to hold and more fun to use.

iRig Mic

Great for work and for play! The iRig is microphone that connect to iPods, iPads and iPhones to provide a top quality recording device that can be used for everything from interviews to karaoke!

It can be used with any app that allows the user to record, but the makers have their own free app that can be customized with in-app purchases.

Logitech Keyboard Case by Zagg for iPad 2 

So the iPad's not a laptop, that doesn't mean it has to be harder to type on it than on a laptop!

It gives you a nice hard case to protect your iPad while on the go (well, the front of it anyway). When you're ready to use the iPad, you can dock it vertically or horizontally through it's bluetooth fullsized keyboard. The battery life is great and it makes typing on an iPad much easier and quicker.

Nintendo 3DS

All the fun on the DSi but in 3D! The 3DS features glasses free 3D both for games and for it's built in camera and can also be used to play DSi games, though only in 2D.

For comfort purposes the 3DS comes with a 3D slider that lets the user customize the 3D depth to user's liking.

Powermat Dual 1850

Stay powered up! The Dual 1850 is a portable battery pack, small enough to carry in your pocket, that charges when placed on a PowerMat or connected to a computer.

The "Dual" in the name comes from being able to charge an Apple device using it's built in connector while, at the same time, charging a separate device on it's micro-USB port (there are adaptor tips available to charge other devices using the micro-USB port).

Pure OasisFlow

Listen to your music anywhere with this rugged, weatherproof internet/FM radio.

The OasisFlow features a rechargable internal battery pack, and it allows the user to set 40FM presets and unlimited internet presets.

Internet radio requires WiFi access, so keep that in mind if you're planning to listen to internet radio at your favorite park.

SleekAudio Custom in-ear Headphones

If you're serious about audio, you're going to love these!

SleekAudio's custom headphones are molded to the users ears, which means they stay in without the need for any other device to hold them in place, and provide not only fantastic audio quality, but also great noise cancellation!

For extra comfort you can also purchase the optional wireless kit.

Sony VAIO S Series Laptop

This 3.8 pound, 1 inch thick laptop sports a Core i7 processor, battery life of 7.5 hours, an SSD drive, a discrete graphics card, 8GB of RAM , USB 3.0, Wireless Display capabilities, a Blu-ray drive, a backlit keyboard and a camera capable of doing face tracking! All in small 13.3" package!

If you're serious about being unplugged the optional sheet battery base can take your battery life to an amazing 15 hours!

Sony-Ericsson XPERIA Play 

The world's first PSP-certified phone! It's a full Android phone on the Verizon network, that runs Android 2.3 with email, web browsing, the Android market, music player, and everything Android implies.

But that's actually the boring part! The PSP half of the phone is what's really great, games look great, they play great and the second you play them you want the phone. This is the most fun phone we've seen in a while!

Turtle Beach EarForce PX5 Gaming Headset

Get in the action with awesome sound! The PX5 is a programmable wireless gaming headset with Dolby 7.1 Surround Sound and Bluetooth. You can pair it with a Bluetooth-enabled phone and continue playing your game by hearing it in the background. Person on the other line does not hear the game. 18 presets available to program to your sound needs.

RealNetworks UNIFI Cloud Media Service

Unifi is a new personal media cloud service that helps users keep track of their digital content, photos, videos and music stored on multiple devices. Unifi catalogues and organizes this content into a single digital library accessible from smart phones, PCs, tablets, or other internet-connected devices.

Dexim's iPad Folio with detachable Bluetooth keyboard

It's a stylish leather folio for your iPad that comes complete with a detachable laptop-style Bluetooth keyboard. The keyboard can be removed for wireless operation, but can also be used in place thanks to a magnet that keeps it from moving. The case also comes with a stand in the back that lets you keep your iPad held up in a position that's similar to a laptop's screen.

Withings Smart Baby Monitor

A video-enabled baby monitor that works with your iPhone and is equiped with a night vision enabled, wide angle, 3MP camera.

Some of it's other features are advanced motion detection, and the ability to speak to the baby while away from the room and set the music playlists, temperature and humidity sensors and more!

Grooveshark by Livio Radio

It plugs into your car's cigarette lighter for power, connects wirelessly to your smartphone via bluetooth and uses it's data connection to play live Internet radio in your car.

Motorola Xoom Tablet

It's Motorola's entry into the Android tablet world. The Xoom can connect to Verizon's 4G LTE network and runs the latest Android operating system "Honeycomb". It comes with dual cameras, an actual tablet OS (as opposed to a made-for-phones-then-ported Android OS) and all of the usual Android goodies.

Mattel Mindflex

The mattel mindflex is really unique and cool. It comes with an unusual type of head band that reads your brain waves and allows you to navigate the puzzle by concentrating hard. Players can compete or use their brainpower to play cooperatively.

BodyMedia FIT System

The BodyMedia FIT system gives you highly accurate information on activity, calories and sleep patterns. Keeps track of total calories burned, total steps taken, total time spent in physical activity and sleep duration and efficiency. The Activity Manager will help you to set goals, and see how close you are to reaching them. And BodyMedia FIT Mobile helps take fitness body-monitoring wherever you want to go with a platform of smartphone apps.

Motorola Atrix 4G and Laptop Dock

This super smartphone is a good example of the future of mobile. It's no longer about making phone calls. It's about having access to our multimedia on the go and to surf the web at fast speeds. Paired with the laptop dock, you can use the ATRIX like a laptop. By docking the ATRIX, you immediately get more real estate with a 10.9" screen and can surf the web with a browser like Firefox, just like you would on your laptop.

Casio TRYX Digital Camera

The .59-inches thick Casio TRYX can adapt to fit the user’s preferred shooting style. It can be held horizontally, point-and-shoot style, to capture still images or flip out the rotating, three-inch, touch-screen LCD and swivel the body. The frame rotates 360-degrees to allow the camera body to act as a tripod, allowing TRYX to stand on its own, or the LCD screen can be rotated up to 270-degrees, perfect for self-portraits. The Casio TRYX’s body can also be adjusted so that users can record full-HD, 1080 video (30fps) in either a left‑or right-handed grip or vertically. The TRYX even recongnizes hand gestures to start the self shoot timer!

Sensia Internet & FM Radio by PURE - With Sensia you can enjoy internet radio content and podcasts, FM stations, your own music collection via Wi-Fi, and online apps, among other cool features. It also features PURE Clearsound technology for stereo sound and an input for your iPod/MP3 player. We're fans of its "football" shape and the fact that you can do more than just streaming. Coming soon to the US! Click here for video from CES 2010.
Ford Taurus SHO with Sync - Dave is calling this the "ultimate mobile device". We're impressed with the technology in this car! SYNC has definitely brought Ford cars ... into tomorrow. The SHO starts at just under $38,000. Click here for the video from CES 2010.
YouRock Digital Guitar - This is not just another guitar controller for Guitar Hero or Rockband. It's a digital guitar! A guitar you won't have to tune ... ever! You can go from playing a game to actually playing guitar (if you know how). It's very comfortable to play versus the plastic controllers you use for your game system, which gives you blisters. Another cool feature is the "YouRock" Mode, which allows you to only play the right notes. Inspired Instruments hopes this inspires you to learn how to play a real guitar, if you don't know how. To play Guitar Hero or Rockband on your game system, you'll have to purchase a "GameFlex" cartridge. To take it a step further, you can connect the guitar to your computer (PC/Mac) and record yourself rocking out. YouRock Guitar will be available in Q1 of 2010 for $199.
dash Personal Internet Viewer by Sony - Allows you to Facebook from bed without sleeping with your phone, like Rob Almanza on our staff says he does. You'll be able to choose from 1,000 free apps to play with: weather, traffic, social networking, movies, music and more. You can also listen to MP3s and Internet radio via the built-in speakers. The dash connects to your existing wireless network. Will be available from Sony in April 2010 for under $200.
Boxee Box by D-Link - A lot of us at “Into Tomorrow” have been fans of Boxee since their conception. We're excited about the Boxee Box from D-Link, which brings all of your favorite TV shows & movies from the Internet or your hard drive onto your TV, without the need of a PC. The design is pretty neat, too. The Boxee Box will be available in Q2 2010. By the way, you can download the FREE Boxee software here.
Lenovo IdeaPad U1 Hybrid - The IdeaPad U1 Hybrid isn't just a tablet -- its screen detaches completely, giving you a different experience. (See it in the video on the left) We like it because you're getting two products in one. Tablets -- or "slates" -- will definitely be a hot item in 2010! It is estimated that will cost around $1000 whenever it's released. Stay tuned!
eneloop Synergetic Hybrid Bicycle by Sanyo - Want to ride your bike to work without losing your breath? We rode the eneloop bike at CES and were impressed with the little boost electric power gives you. The eneloop is a 26-inch, three-speed regenerative, pedal-assist hybrid electric bicycle. It's very "green" by reusing resources such as “energy” by “looping” it in a sustainable cycle. Will cost about $2300.
Smoothee Steadicam by Tiffen - A Steadicam for your iPhone? Yep! The Smoothee was designed for iPhone 3Gs, but it will also work with your iPhone 3G. You can use it to record video or take still pictures. Will definitely help keep your pictures focused and not fuzzy. Rob Almanza on our staff is a big fan and won't stop taking pictures and video with it! Tiffen also showed adapters for Flip cameras and for the Motorola Droid. Wil be available soon.
AR.Drone by Parrot - It's the first quadricopter that can be controlled by your iPhone or iPod Touch. The AR.Drone is a Wi-Fi helicopter with 2 cameras for an augmented reality videogame experience. We love how simple it is to control it. Just lean your iPhone/iPod Touch forward to move forward or sideways to change direction. Sweeeeet!
Panasonic 1080p Full HD 3D Technology - "Into Tomorrow" was very impressed with the technology of Panasonic's new 3D TVs. Panasonic selected the frame sequential method to bring cinema-like realism to 3D movies, gaming and sporting events at home. Separate images for the left and right eyes at 1920 X 1080 full-HD quality are alternately played at high speed. By watching these images through special LCD glasses that are timed to open and close the right and left lenses in synchronization with the alternating images, the viewer is treated to some exciting 3D realism. After a few minutes, you don't even notice the stylin' 3D glasses. Just sit back -- or jump back -- and enjoy the realism.

Mindflex by Mattel - A game that challenges your mind, concentration and control. Click here for video from CES 2009.

LG Watch Phone

Powermat - This was one of the new products to get lots of attention from our listeners and viewers at CES 2009. Powermat wirelessly charges all your electronic devices from one power source. Click here for video from CES 2009.

Intel My WiFi Technology - Intel's My WiFi technology allows users to connect effortlessly and wirelessly to their digital camera, printer, HDTV, MP3 player or other Wi-Fi enabled devices without accessing a Wi-Fi access point. Click here for video from CES 2009.

Vuzix Wrap 920AV - These are stylish and innovative sunglasses. The Wrap 920AV is the first video eyewear from Vuzix in the form of a standard pair of sunglasses, while providing a 60-inch private monitor.

Casio Dynamic Photo - Featured in Casio digital cameras, Dynamic Photo is a technology that allows users to paste moving objects shot with the camera into different still shots.

MedSignals - MedSignals is a portable device that reminds you when it's time to take your daily prescriptions. Click here for video from CES 2009.

Palm Pre - The Palm Pre is the first phone based on the new Palm webOS platform.

INADA SOGNO Massage Chair - One of the best electronic chair massages we've ever had! SOGNO, which means dream in Italian, features many innovative and unique functions. It does all sorts of massages for your entire body. Click here for video from CES 2009.

Dual XNAV43HD Portable Navigation System with HD Radio Technology and “Real Time” Traffic

Pulse Smartpen from Livescribe

DTVPal Converter Box from Dish Network

Legacy.com - Online Memorial Websites

Jott - Send Reminders to Yourself

i2i Stream Music Broadcaster

Sony Rolly

Plustek OpticFIlm 7300

IDAPT Power Charging Station

Eye-Fi Wireless Memory Card

Area-51 m15x notebook from Alienware

3rd Space Gaming Vest from TN Games

zBoost zPersonal from Wi-Ex (Cell Zone Enhancer)

ZCam from 3DV

iTornado USB File Transfer System for Mac or Windows

Optimus Maximus Customizable Keyboard

Fujitsu ScanSnap S300 PDF Scanner

SpaceTime Internet Browser

Underwater Digital Camera Mask from Liquid Image

WowWee Rovio Mobile Webcam

Logitech DiNovo Mini Keyboard

NewTek TriCaster PRO


NextAlarm Wireless Security System


Windows Vista


V-Phone by Vonage

Lenovo ThinkPad X60 TabletPC

Small Wonder from RCA

Archos 604-WiFi Portable Media Player

Xbox 360 IPTV Edition

Razer Mako Groundplane Speaker System

TV2ART Lightascopes

Alienware’s Area-51 M9750 notebook

Backup-Pal from Advanced Wireless Solutions


HP TouchSmart PC

Sony Ericsson Bluetooth Watch MBW-100

The Tornado File Transfer Tool by Data Drive Thru

SmartShopper grocery assistant

Garmin nüvi 660 Portable GPS

Diskeeper 2007 Defragmentation Software

ITVN Broadband TV

RCA HDV5000 HD-DVD Player

SteadiCam from Merlin

On-Air GT by AutumnWave

K2 Mounts X-Arm Robotic Mount

PMP3520 Portable Media Player from Directed

DV Rack from Serious Magic

Gateway Convertible Notebook

Neuros MPEG4 Video Recorder

mobiBlu B153 MP3 Player

MoGo Mouse (bluetooth mouse)

SurgeX SX1810 Surge Protector

Scooba from iRobot, the first floor-washing robot

Sennheiser PXC 300 noise-cancelling headphones

Logitech mm28 Portable Loudspeaker

iGo everywhere130 universal power adapter

Boostaroo Revolution headphone amplifier and splitter

Palm Treo 700w

DocuPen Handheld Scanner

Fender Guitar Digital Entertainment Center

InFusion - Tune In To The World

EMA Innovation Nethron


The TCL Verone N17

TDVisor by TDVision

KODAK EasyShare V570 with Dual Lens Camera

Slingbox - Watch your TV from anywhere in the world

KVH TracVision A5


PalmOne Treo 650 Smartphone

Akimbo AP1200 Video on Demand Player

ADSTech Instant TV Deluxe

Packet8 Broadband VideoPhone

Kodak EasyShare-One Zoom Digital Camera

Random House Webster’s College Dictionary

2005 Acura MDX

Roku Soundbridge

Navman GPS Performance Monitor

PowerGrid Fitness Kilowatt

Motorola OJO Personal Video Phone

Directed Electronics Snake Pit Sentra

Roomba Discovery

MAINstage by Soundmatters

Novii Remote

Voom Satellite

TDK indiDVD & CD Burner

Targus Elite Notebook EasyRoller

Omnifi DMP1 mobile unit

Tellular System: Phonecell® SX5e Fixed Wireless Terminal Pantone ColorVision


Ultra-Cord 13-Piece Connector Kit

Flickering Electric Candle from C. Crane

Ultra Connector Kit


Danger’s hiptop

IOGear Bluetooth Networking Starter Kit

Zodiac by Tapwave

Kameleon 8-in-1 Remote from Smarthome

Serious Magic’s Visual Communicator

Musicmatch Jukebox 8.2

KDS Flash 4 Video Switcher

Minolta QMS Magicolor 2350

Verbatim Digital Movie DVD-R

Roku HD1000

Harmony Remote SST-659

Magellan RoadMate

Olympus E-1

HP Deskjet 450wbt mobile printer

Xantrex Mobile-Plug

HP/Compaq TC1100 Tablet PC

TWICE Radio Stations .. Click here!
Advanced Radio Network