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Operation Support Our Troops

Dave Graveline and the "Into Tomorrow" team invite you to send care packages to our soldiers, located in Iraq, Kuwait, Afghanistan, or anywhere in the world.

Mail must be addressed to an individual or job title such as "Commander," "Commanding Officer," etc. "More info and restrictions for zip code 09316."

Be sure to include a pen, a self-addressed envelope, and a sheet of paper for them to respond to you, when they have time.

Other ways to support our troops

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iPads for Soldiers
These troops are risking their lives far away from their homes and loved ones. They have no TV or cell phone, and no way to carry heavy books or computers in their 110-lb rucksacks. [...]
In addition to supporting soldiers out in the field, [they] are also donating iPads to wounded military who have been repatriated State-side for treatment and rehabilitation at military medical facilities.

eMail Our Military
Our troops deserve our respect, encouragement and admiration for their tireless dedication to keeping us safe and secure. As they are separated from their loved ones at home, your participation in eMOM gives our troops the support and encouragement they need and deserve.

Lets Say Thanks
You can choose a card designed by kids from around the country. Enter your name and hometown then choose from several pre-made messages. Xerox will print the card and send it off to one of the soldiers around the world.

USO - Operation Care Package
The USO (United Service Organizations), is enlisting support of individuals around the world to support the troops through "Operation USO Care Package". These packages are being delivered to members of the U.S. Armed Forces deployed around the world to show them they have not been forgotten and to provide a 'touch of home.

Operation Gratitude
Operation Gratitude, together with the California Army National Guard in Van Nuys, seeks to lift troops' morale, and bring a smile to their faces by sending Care Packages to service members overseas.  Packages may contain food, necessities, entertainment items and personal letters of appreciation, all wrapped with good wishes of love and support.

Operation Hero Miles
Operation Hero Miles provides a way for you to help our troops stationed in Iraq and Afghanistan by donating your unused frequent flyer miles.  Soldiers on R & R or Emergency Leave are flown free to Germany or Baltimore/Washington, Dallas/Fort Worth, or Atlanta, by the military.  Existing law requires soldiers to pay for their own flights beyond.

The Fisher House
The Fisher House program is a unique private-public partnership that supports America's military in their time of need. These homes enable family members to be close to a loved one at the most stressful time - during the hospitalization for an unexpected illness, disease, or injury.

Adopt a Platoon
The AdoptaPlatoon Soldier Support Effort is managed nationwide by volunteer mothers to ensure that deployed United States Service members in all branches of the military are not forgotten by providing needed mail support and to promote patriotism in our schools and communities.

Cell Phones For Soldiers
The Cell Phones for Soldiers program was started by two teenagers from Massachusetts - Brittany Bergquist and her brother, Robbie.  After hearing a news report about a local soldier who ran up a massive phone bill calling home from Iraq, they decided they wanted to do something to help.

Treats for Troops
Their mission: to put at least one package from home into the hands of every American on active military duty anywhere in the world. They are the one-click solution to sending care packages to soldiers. If you've ever said, “I wish there was something I could do to support our troops,” you're just a click away from making some soldiers' day.

James Haley Veterans Hospital
Not home yet are 1,500 soldiers with a long list of devastating injuries from actions in Iraq and Afghanistan. They have so many combinations of so many serious injuries that doctors at James A. Haley Veterans Hospital have pioneered a new branch medicine to care for them. They call it polytrauma. Tampa's veteran hospital is one of four designated polytrauma centers in the country.

Socks for Troops
The Socks & Gloves For Troops Campaign provides our soldiers with the finest socks and gloves available for the most demanding environmental desert/mountain conditions. The socks definitely make a difference to the military personnel who receive them, and will provide foot and hand comfort in all types of weather conditions.

Homes for our Troops
To build specially adapted homes for our severely disabled soldiers and their families. From donations of building materials, monetary donations and equipment and fund raisers being hosted in our benefit, people everywhere have embraced the effort as their own.

Kids For Our Troops
Kids of all ages want to get involved in the effort to help and support our American Heroes. Homes for Our Troops has created this web site to help parents, children, teachers, students, club leaders and civic organizations find out how you can get involved in our effort to provide specially adapted homes for our most severely wounded soldiers.

Keystone Soldiers
To aid in the communication between deployed soldiers and their families. Keystone Soldiers is a 100% volunteer non profit organization. Through the site, you can show your support by adopting a soldier (or platoon) or becoming a penpal. You may also make a donation to help with postage or you can sponsor a care package to one of our troops.

Send a simple "Thank You" note
Send a quick and simple "Thank You" note to our service men and women.

Freedom Calls Foundation
Building a network to support state of the art communications between our Troops in Iraq and Afghanistan and their families here at home.

AAFES Gift Certificates
The Army and Air Force Exchange Services is where most servicemen and women do their shopping. You can purchase gift certificates for those in Iraq and those hospitalized.

Books For Soldiers
Help the troops escape boredom by donating some books. You can also donate DVDs and CDs requested by soldiers.

Blue Star Mothers
The Blue Star Mothers was founded by service members' moms during World War II. Any mother with a son or daughter in the military can join.

Defend America
Thank any service member stationed throughout the U.S. and the world with an e-mail.

Camp Doha
Camp Doha provides valuable information for those about to deploy, their friends and families and anyone who wants to support the troops.

Groceries for Families
The men and women who lay down their lives for us are terribly underpaid. Help a family by purchasing gift certificates to the commissary.

The Freedom Calls Foundation
This Foundation is helping families videoconference with their loved ones in Iraq. You can donate to help keep this project going.

Military Moms
This site provides support to all of the moms out there who has a son or daughter in the military.

The Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund
Provides grants to the families of servicemen and women who died in Iraq. You can donate online, through mail or by calling a toll-free number.

Operation Air Conditioner
Provides not only air conditioners but space heaters (the desert is cold in the winter) for soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Operation: A Bit of Home
Supports over 150 different soldiers per day by providing necessary and hard-to-get toiletries.

Operation Dear Abby
The U.S. Navy and Dear Abby have teamed up. Their site allows you to send e-mail messages of support to service members.

Operation Interdependence
Supplies care packages to deployed soldiers. You can help out by providing goods, coordinating efforts or donating funds.

Operation Uplink
Donate money to Operation Uplink. The money is used to purchase phone cards so servicemen and women can call home.

Operation Give
Provides toys, clothing and school supplies primarily to the children of Iraq and Afghanistan.

Soldiers' Angels
Become some soldier's angel by adopting a service member.

Operation Iraqi Children
Many soldiers are rebuilding schools in Iraq and scrounging around for school supplies. Help by donating a school supplies kit.

The Injured Marine Semper Fi Fund
If you are interested in volunteering or making a donation to an organization making a difference in how our veterans and wounded service members are cared for, we suggest: "The Injured Marine Semper Fi Fund".
Operation Military Pride
This is a volunteer organization that sends cards letters and care packages to troops.

Any Soldier
Any Soldier i s a non-profit organization that helps people find soldiers, and send care packages to members of the armed services in Iraq.


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